I have found a furnace!


I love silver. One day I would love to make pressed bars and rounds of my own design and I am going to attempt to do so. I want to make my own dies and mint bars and rounds. I envision starting with a hammer, continuing with a screw-press and ending with a hydraulic press(Big Dream). To begin with though, to get a feel for the general endeavour of creating with silver I will cast poured silver. I am interested in seeing molten silver in real life. I am also really interested in the processes involved in constructing and managing a silver cell in order to refine .925 into .999 silver. I can't wait to expand my love for silver into creating something of artistic merit that also has an intrinsic value and can be seen and held by my descendants for generations to come. I can't wait to come up with new concepts for cast items and I have some awesome ideas already. I have recently been informed of a source for an electric furnace and will acquire it soon. I have to move home soon. I am living in my Granny's old house just now. She died last year and her house will be sold this year. I will be dismantling her shed and taking it with me. In this shed I will pour silver for the first time in my life and you can join me. Thank you for reading. Much appreciated.

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Thank You